We achieve sustainability and profitability - an aesthetic solution for your warehouse that increases profits, and decreases your carbon footprint.


The Process

All of our energy management projects begin with a free-of-charge energy assessment. The information gathered during these assessments allows us to determine the operational savings that can be achieved, and to develop a detailed plan outlining the most efficient methodology to perform the retrofit. Our turnkey process eliminates the need for our clients to allocate any internal resources to the project, allowing them to continue to focus on their business operations.


“Eco Smart is Lit as Fuck.”

— Cassie Ebner, Palo Santo Studios


EcoSmart Solutions has developed a proven track record for providing cost effective turnkey solutions. Not only do these solutions dramatically reduce the energy consumption of existing systems, but they decrease their need for maintenance, and improve their functionality, lifespan, and performance in the process. While our competitors typically represent a particular manufacturer, or manufacturer  products themselves, we do neither. As a result, we are allowed the freedom to generate the optimal solution for any set of circumstances we encounter and only offer solutions with records of success and long-term warranties.

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20 Million

We’ve limited 20 Million lbs of Carbon from the atmosphere

8 Million

Our customer save an average of
8 Million Dollars a Year


Other amazing stats about the business



As we devise a solution to minimize the utility consumed by a facility, we maximize all available rebates on the municipality, state, and federal levels. Redeeming municipality rebates entails scheduling a pre-inspection with a representative from the appropriate utility provider, who would then visit the facility and confirm the quoted operational savings, as well as the rebate amount. This is a good opportunity for the client to ask the utility provider representative any other questions regarding the rebate process, or the success of other projects in the area.


LED’s, or light emitting diodes, are a state-of-the-art technology and are the most efficient type of lights available today. In addition to increasing efficiency, LED’s present numerous advantages.

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Eliminate Energy Cost Volatility

As incredible as the financial implications are for the current year of business, the benefits realized in the years going forward increase exponentially. This is because the cost of electricity has historically increased at a compound annual growth rate of over 5%, and is expected to continue to do so. Electricity is measured and charged in terms of kilowatts per hour (kWh.) As the price per kWh increases, so do the achieved savings.

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