Energy Management

EcoSmart Solutions has developed a proven track record for providing cost effective turnkey solutions. Not only do these solutions dramatically reduce the energy consumption of existing systems, but they decrease their need for maintenance, and improve their functionality, lifespan, and performance in the process. While our competitors typically represent a particular manufacturer, or manufacturer  products themselves, we do neither. As a result, we are allowed the freedom to generate the optimal solution for any set of circumstances we encounter and only offer solutions with records of success and long-term warranties.

The Process

All of our energy management projects begin with a free-of-charge energy assessment. The information gathered during these assessments allows us to determine the operational savings that can be achieved, and to develop a detailed plan outlining the most efficient methodology to perform the retrofit. Our turnkey process eliminates the need for our clients to allocate any internal resources to the project, allowing them to continue to focus on their business operations.


As we devise a solution to minimize the utility consumed by a facility, we maximize all available rebates on the municipality, state, and federal levels. Redeeming municipality rebates entails scheduling a pre-inspection with a representative from the appropriate utility provider, who would then visit the facility and confirm the quoted operational savings, as well as the rebate amount. This is a good opportunity for the client to ask the utility provider representative any other questions regarding the rebate process, or the success of other projects in the area. Following installation, a post-inspection must be scheduled, where the same representative would confirm that the solution has been installed according to the proposal, and would then proceed with awarding the rebate value.



While going solar offers substantial environmental benefits, the majority of business and residential owners who choose to do so are motivated by the tremendous financial opportunity it presents.

For both commercial and residential projects, EcoSmart provides completely customized solutions. We consider all aspects of design and engineering, including, roofing, fire and safety, and even future load additions.

Given the rapid payback, strong internal rates of return, and predictable cash flow streams going solar will deliver incredible investment returns for both residential and commercial projects. Not only will projects dramatically reduce ongoing electricity costs, but in many cases, it can also generate incremental revenue, through the net metering program.

While the financial savings alone are more than enough to justify a solar project, EcoSmart believes in utilizing every possible avenue in order to make a project more attractive for the investor. This is why we put a great deal of effort into maximizing rebates and incentives for each project through federal, state, and local governments. Through our effective use of these available programs, we are able to dramatically reduce the upfront cost associated with every project.


LED’s, or light emitting diodes, are a state-of-the-art technology and are the most efficient type of lights available today. In addition to increasing efficiency, LED’s present numerous advantages.

For one, they offer dramatically increased light output and quality.  Virtually every type of business will experience a direct benefit in their day-to-day operations as a result. Additionally, the implementation of LED’s provides increased employee productivity.

Further, Non-LED’s often exhibt a rapid decline in luminosity. This is why many facilities feature a number of dim fixtures and an uneven distribution of luminosity. Given that LED’s do not experience such a decrease in luminosity, these issues are eliminated with a retrofit.

Further, the lifespan of LED’s yield decreased maintenance costs. This is due to the fact that traditional bulbs must be replaced quite often, and doing so typically hinders the work-flow, especially in hard to reach areas. Any operations personnel charged with purchasing replacement bulbs can confirm that eliminating the need to do so will yield incredible savings.

As we replace short-term lights, we offer lengthy warranties on all of our bulbs and fixtures.


Eliminate Energy Cost Volatility

As incredible as the financial implications are for the current year of business, the benefits realized in the years going forward increase exponentially. This is because the cost of electricity has historically increased at a compound annual growth rate of over 5%, and is expected to continue to do so. Electricity is measured and charged in terms of kilowatts per hour (kWh.) As the price per kWh increases, so do the achieved savings.

Project Management

Our project management team has built an incredible reputation for timely, quality installations that work around the schedules of our customers. We are able to work nights, weekends, and whenever best fits the schedule of the facility.

Marketing and PR Benefits

The conversion to solar energy will posture your company as a forward thinking, environmental leader. Consequently, your employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders will be fully aware of your corporate commitment to the environment and your local community. Further, the conversion to solar also helps to promote the energy independence of the United States, by helping to decrease America’s need for foreign energy.


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